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As president of Hazmat Safety Consulting, Bob provides dangerous goods regulatory assistance to customers worldwide by drawing on his vast experience, knowledge of the hazardous materials (dangerous goods) regulations and extensive network of dangerous goods professionals worldwide. From 2006-2010, Bob served as the deputy associate administrator for Hazardous Materials Safety with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) at the U.S. Department of Transportation, where he was responsible for directing approximately 150 hazardous materials transportation specialists and the day-to-day operation of the U.S. Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety Program, including overseeing the regulatory development, technical review and classification, international standards, outreach, special permits and approvals and enforcement offices.

In this position, Bob was involved in the development of domestic and international regulations and gained not only an understanding of the regulations, but the intent and meaning behind the words.

Bob has been involved in the development and implementation of hazardous materials safety regulations for more than 28 years and has been responsible for a broad range of domestic and international hazardous materials safety efforts. Bob served as the chairman of the United Nations Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods that has responsibility for publishing the United Nations Model Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. Bob also served as the chairman and vice chairman of the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel which has responsibility for developing and publishing the International Civil Aviation Regulations which govern the transport of dangerous goods by air. Bob was the Panel member nominated by the United States to the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel for a number of years. He also led US delegations to the International Maritime Organization Dangerous Goods, Solid Cargoes and Containers Sub-Committee and coordinated with the US Coast Guard in developing technical proposals and responding to sea transport incidents involving hazardous materials. He played a major role in developing the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code into the revised format that exists today.

Since leaving the government for private practice, Bob draws on his vast experience to provide guidance and consulting services to clients ranging from major international corporations to small businesses. He has assisted numerous clients with bringing their operations into compliance. Bob has conducted compliance audits, assisted clients with classifying their hazardous materials, interpreted regulatory requirements, developed training programs and operations manuals and assisted clients with navigating the complexities of the domestic and international transport regulations.

Bob is the executive director of the Medical Device Battery Transport Council. The MDBTC was formed to promote the safe transport of lithium batteries and battery-powered medical devices. The MDBTC agrees with regulators that safety of both passengers and crew is of the utmost importance, and to that point, is supportive of rules that enhance safety for all parties involved in air transport. Further, the MDBTC shares a common bond with regulatory groups in that each member company has a strong interest in seeing that their lithium battery shipments arrive at the destination safely. This council aims to work with regulators to identify risk reduction opportunities while also mitigating the impacts of overly burdensome regulations that have an adverse effect on the efficient transportation of life-saving products worldwide.

Typical services Bob provides to clients include:

  • Developing operations and policy manuals, standard operating procedures and job aides
  • Providing technical expertise for classifying hazardous materials including compressed gases, reactive substances and corrosives.
  • Conducting compliance and safety audits and providing corrective action reports and recommendations
  • Serving as an expert witness or technical advisor in civil and criminal cases
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance efficiency and reduce cost such as using regulatory exceptions to lower shipping cost and reduce risk
  • Providing compliance assistance (e.g. intermodal shipping strategies, hazard classification, regulations interpretation, etc.)
  • Penalty mitigation related to enforcement actions
  • Acquiring special permits and approvals
  • Providing training program development assistance and assessing employee competencies and function specific responsibilities.
  • Developing and supplying customized dangerous goods products specific to our client's needs
  • Bob has written numerous articles on the transport of hazardous materials that have been published in trade journals and newsletters worldwide. For more information refer to Bob's LinkedIn | Hazmat Page


Vice President


As Vice President of Hazmat Safety Consulting, Ryan provides our clients with extensive experience and perspective he has gained in his 20+ years of experience related to hazardous materials transportation safety.

For the past 10 years, Ryan has been the Director of Approvals and Permits Division for the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) in the US Department of Transportation. In this role, he led the critical function of processing special permit and approval applications in coordination with other domestic government agencies, foreign governments, and international organizations. He has led action and government response to worldwide recalls, national disasters and the introduction of new technologies into the US market. Ryan’s ability to navigate across government and organizational boundaries is proven by his reputation in the Dangerous Goods industry.

Previously, Ryan served as PHSMSA’s Assistant Director of International Standards where he participated in the US delegation to the UN Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and the International Maritime Organization. Additionally, Ryan has led numerous, successful, delegations in international diplomacy and coordination, which led to direct benefits for the international transport of dangerous goods.

Ryan is a lifelong student in the art and science of leadership. He is a Licensed Professional Geologist with a Bachelors of Science from the University of Connecticut and graduate degree from Fielding University. Ryan lives in Rhode Island with his wife Renee, son Rainen and daughter Vivienne.

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Senior Consultant


As a Senior Consultant with HSC, Mike helps clients build and improve their company’s dangerous goods shipping program by conducting DG compliance evaluations, developing DG policies, offering on-demand consulting support, and providing customized DG training courses.

Mike got his start in the dangerous goods industry at PHMSA’s Hazardous Materials Information Center (HMIC) at DOT HQ in Washington, DC. For two years, Mike supported the HMIC by answering thousands of questions regarding all parts of PHMSA’s Hazardous Materials Regulations. In this role, Mike worked directly with PHMSA Rulemaking, Approvals & Permits, and Technical staff.

Since leaving the DOT in Fall 2014, Mike has been supporting businesses in multiple industries with dangerous goods compliance matters. Mike holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He lives in the Milwaukee area.

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